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Our Story

When the “Kansas Nebraska Conference and Northwest Missouri Conference” became ONE



The Midwest Conference Women’s Missionary Society was born in July 2008 when the 48th  General Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church delegates ratified the resolution by the Northwest Missouri and the Kansas Nebraska Annual Conferences to merge as the Midwest Annual Conference.


On August 25-27, 2008, the Northwest Missouri Conference Women’s Missionary Society under the leadership of Mrs. Wanda J. Jenkins and the Kansas Nebraska Conference Women’s Missionary Society under the leadership of Mrs. Thelma Cunningham combined their legacies of over 200 years to host the first Midwest Conference Women’s Missionary Society Convention at the Jack Reardon Convention Center in Kansas City, Kansas. The resources of time, talent and funds from missionaries of both conferences held their banners high as we welcomed our newly appointed Episcopal leadership team, Bishop Théodore Larry Kirkland and Supervisor, Mrs. Mary Kirkland. This was truly a time of new beginnings. The officers elected to bring the two conferences together as one are as followed.


Thelma J. Cunningham, President

Linda Cousin, First Vice President

Kelly Rhea, Second Vice President

Patricia Fullard, Third Vice President

Jewel Gilkes, Recording Secretary

Shirley Johnson, Assistant Recording Secretary

Jean Davis, Corresponding Secretary

Gail McClenton, Treasurer

Margaret Riley, Historiographer/Statistician


Karen Marks, YPD Director

Rhonda Cunningham-Green, PME Director

Margaret Good, Worship Director

Angela Cordier, Parliamentarian

Members At Large

Paulette Moorer

Patricia Grimmett

Terri Craddock-Moore


The Midwest Conference Women’s Missionary Society moved forth with fervor, enthusiasm, peace and faith. Faith in our God who we knew would give us His Grace to maneuver around all stumbling blocks and climb all mountains in our quest to embrace new opportunities, new projects, new challenges and renewed programs.  The work that we did spoke for us as we completed a fabulous year and celebrated our 4th Annual Convention Sept 19-21, 2011. Most of the officers were reelected for a fourth term with the following changes:

Fredricka Agnew, YPD Director and Angela Cordier, Parliamentarian, Members At Large District Executive Board: Debra Norman and Patricia Grimmett

God has His way of sanctioning your work and He does it well. The Midwest Conference Women’s Missionary Society members traveled to Los Angeles, California to celebrate the fulfillment of a vision of our Episcopal Supervisor, Mrs. Mary Kirkland and the leadership of our Episcopal President Mrs. Beverly Thomas. The First Fifth District Acad AME Awards Banquet in October 2009. We were presented with nine (9) awards, namely:


Mom Valuable Missionary (MOM) Award-

Mrs. Thelma Cunningham

Local WMS President Leadership Award-

Ms. Kelly Rhea. St. John/Topeka, KS

Ecumenical Relations WMS Leadership Award-Mrs. Thelma Williams, St. Timothy/KCMO

Conference WMS President Leadership Award-Mrs. Thelma J. Cunningham


Most Outstanding Missionary Extravaganza

Most New Members

New Conference Initiatives/Projects

Most District Initiatives-YPD

Conference Traveling Trophy


We continue to embrace and love this missionary journey through 2010 and beyond. We applaud our Presiding Elders: Donna Roberson and Steven Cousin and our Pastors and Ministers for their support all along the way. We are the Midwest Conference Women’s Missionary Society and we are shoring up the walls already built by outstanding missionaries through the years. Along the way we will add new rooms to accommodate expanded programs and projects as we live by the 23 Psalm.  Continued under new administration-2015 to present

In September 2015 at the 9th Session of the Midwest WMS Convention, the face of the leadership changed. The Previous administration served the full allowable term of office as stated in the Constitution and Bylaws sec    page …..  All offices were vacated, and new persons were elected to serve the 2015-2016 Annual Conference Year

New Administration installed by Supervisor Mary E Kirkland and 5th Episcopal President Beverly Thomas.


Nedra Locke

Terri Craddock Moore

Michelle Parish

Celestine Gray

Mikah Jasmine Sampson

Janice Scott

Ginger Steward

Gail McClenton



Angela Cordier

Ann Garvin

Karen Marks

Rosalyn Carr

Janice Hollowell

Susan Smith

Connie Jones

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